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Samsung galaxy watch and whatsapp pictures

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Hi :smiling-face: 


I have the new samsung galaxy watch and im struggling to find much info on how to do stuff on it! 


What i want to know is, when I receive a whats app message that contains a photo, how do i go about changing my settings so that i can see the photo on my watch? All i see on the watch is who the message is from the word photo and a camera emoji. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :smiling-face: 




OK, what phone do you have? Did you do those settings on the galaxy watch or your phone?

EDIT: I saw that you already told me your phone model.

But its the settings on the phone,. 

OK, I understand. My phone has no such edge screen settings (OnePlus 3). Thanks for helping out!

I find the solution very strange, but its a problem in the settings in the phone. Just play around with notification settings. Turn them all off and then turn them on one by one.

showing whatsapp images are still not working, also not after the ONE UI update :(.  is there someone with a solution?

@CarlH wrote:

Hi @Johowden87. Some pictures may come through and others may not. I'm not sure on the prerequisites for this but it may be best to contact the app developer directly. 

How can it be best to comtact the app developer directly when this is an watch issue, nothing to do with the app? there is no watsapp for galaxy watch anyway :winking-face:

Galaxy note 8 I tried it and it's doesn't work can you write something else to do


In order to see whats app images in your galaxy watch, you have to enable automatic photo download in whats app setting on your phone.

I did it. Doesn't work....

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