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Samsung galaxy watch and whatsapp calls


I've bought my galaxy watch yesterday and everything is working perfectly except for the whatsapp call. Im recieving all notifications even from whatsapp when someone sends me a message but when it comes to whatsapp call the watch doesn't vibrate or do anything to inform me that someone is calling me on whatsapp untill the call ends then the watch sends me a notification that i have a missedcall. However, im recieving phonecalls normally and when someone calls me a normal phone call the watch vibrates and allows me to answer or decline. Is their something i should turn on or do for the watch to inform me when someone is trying to call me on whatsapp like vibration or anything and not just send me a notification about a missed call when the call ends?

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Hi mate


I bought the have the same version of.urs and same.note 10plus.5g


But i dont get whatsapp call notification on the watch

I do get messages but not calls


Strange havr exactly the same.setup as yours but not working for me do anything in the settings?


Highly appreciated could throw some light 




As far as i can see it seems to be fixes for some and not for others



did you do anything to make it work???

i have the same setup like u note 10 plus 5 g with this software still not working... 😞
Did you try the update? "R820XXU1BTD3" I can't update it, it can't find the latest version ...

Both my phone and watch have the latest update


Tried to contact samsung


They told me to toggle notifications on


Didnt work


Then to switch off the watch for 5 mins - didnt work


And then said to remlve whatsapp and install it back


Nothing worked !


No waiting for the next step from them which i think they will ask to reset the watch which i did so manh times



Its crazy because have exactly the same software like many for who it started working all of sudden, for me still no whatsapp skype or viber call on the watch!




yes it is incomprehensible. it worked too before. and one day nothing ... I tried everything. WhatsApp beta and other versions. reset the watch 20 times, change rom on the phone


and people for whom its been working they not replying anymore on this thread


Would jave been good to see their settings firmware etc




It seems its not the firmware of the watch after all, its the phone which is blocking it. I have my S10 on the most recent official firmware and its working well now. If I recall well it was fixed in the februari release.

Sorry to say my friend you opposing your own words

You saying at.the.same.time :

- its.not the firmware of the watch
- amd same.time february released fixed the issue

Means it was indeed the firmware which was causing an issue

My issue was fixed when I had the note 10 N976B on BTU fw. But I have just changed to a S20+ 5G and sorry to say the issue is back. So safe to say the issue is apparently between the phone and/or firmware. 

I have the note 10+ 5g with btu watch both have latest firmware

Issue is here
Impossible to get calls from viber/whatsapp/messenger/skype on the watch

I have reportrd the issue tk samsung by chat
If more and more people do it they might do something as no samsung representative seem to br on this forun...
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