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Problems with Galaxy watch 5 pro

(Topic created on: 07-03-2023 05:42 PM)
Marta Stojčić
First Poster

The GPS on the Galaxy watch 5 pro is not accurate. In open space it is relatively accurate, but in the city it is chaos. It shows paths I haven't taken and shows me going through trees and buildings.

The blood oxygen option often won't measure even though the watch is on my arm and I keep my hand in the position as per the watch instructions. Only after a few times, even though I keep my hand and the watch in the same position all the time, does the watch measure the oxygen in the blood.

Otherwise, the watch is completely good. I would like you to include the option of measuring body temperature, room temperature and air humidity on the watch 6 and solve the heating problem with the LTE version. It would also be nice if the screen extended from edge to edge of the watch, without the black circle. It is easier to operate the watch when the screen is a little bigger.

I hope you will consider my remarks. Greetings to the Samsung team.