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Problem with Galaxy Watch 5 pro/Buds Live and SMS

(Topic created on: 15-10-2022 03:32 PM)
First Poster

Have a Galaxy Watch 5 pro and a Fold 4.
Configured as follows.

eSim in Fold 4, eSim in Watch 5 pro, Buds Live connected to Watch 5 pro
Having several problems with the Watch 5, I want to have the phone and the watch connected. For example, when I have the phone in my pocket, or somewhere else, I want to answer from the watch (texts and phone calls)

Problem 1.
Buds Live connected to the watch.
The watch is connected to the phone.

Calls in/out do not go through Buds Live, but sound comes through the watch.
Turns off connection watch - phone,
Now calls from watch come in/out in Buds Live. But no SMS is received when the watch is disconnected from the phone When I try to send a message from I get the message "Watch 5: Bluetooth needed for SMS"

The bottom line is that neither Buds Live nor any other blue tooth headphones work when the watch is connected to the phone. Have tested with 5 different headphone brands/models

Problem 2
Connects Buds Live to the phone.

Calls in/out from the watch now come in Buds Live, but....... It is not possible to hang up via the watch as the "red handset" is missing. Only way to end the call is from the phone. If I answer from the watch I get "missed call" in the phone

The very idea of ​​the watch is that when the watch and phone are too far apart, the watch must be fully usable because it has an eSim, but SMS does not work then.

I want to be able to answer in the watch and sound should go out in the headphones even when the watch and phone are connected. Same goes for when watch and phone isn't connected, I want to be able to send/receive SMS or mail

Have tried resetting the phone and watch.
Checked that notifications are ok in watch for apps (Notifications)
Empty cache / data in apps on phone / watch.
Logged in with the same account on watch/phone
Latest software in Buds Live, Watch and phone

Called Samsung's support and got the answer that the above should work and that I have to send in the Buds Live for troubleshooting despite being told that this happens with "all" headsets
Got the headphones back after a month, with the comment that  it is something "wrong" with your Buds Live, and they sent me a new pair. Tested directly in the store, and exactly the same problem with the new Buds Live.

According to the spec for Galaxy Watch 5 pro, SMS should work when disconnected from phone, and Buds Live should work when they are connected to the watch, and the watch is connected to the phone. But ..... it isnt working

Next step is to send in the watch, but I'm curious if anyone else than me has this problem, note, it must be the Watch 5 Pro with separate esim in both phone and watch

Hello, First Poster. I have exactly the same setup as yourself and the same issues originally. I'm still not sure I know I actually resolved it, but here's the steps I followed :-

1. Turned phone off and made sure I could call and sms from watch 5 pro.
2. When 1. was successful, added buds 2 pro to process.
3. If still successful, turned watch off repeated 1. and 2. on phone only.

They both worked in isolation, but didn't seem to work properly when I had them together.

My network provider hadn't set my eSIM correctly and my physical SIM was also still active. They've now moved my eSIM to eSIM2 and removed the physical reference.
I'm still getting the odd interference, but I find that I'm now using the watch more and more and not carrying my phone so often. Thus, the odd problem is rarely affecting me.
It's not a resolution, but you may notice
Apologies, finger trouble, a difference between 1. and 2. above that will help to point you in the right direction. Support is hardly ever based in the real customer world.
First Poster

1. Its not possible to send SMS, only phone calls is working from the watch if Fold 4 is turned off / disconnected (still separate eSim in phone and watch)

2. Its the same problem with all Bluetooth headphones (it dosent matter what brand it is.) and Watch 5 pro, 

Samsung has now confirmed that it is a bug in Watch 5. I will request a refund and return the headphones and watch 5. Going to buy a watch that actually works instead 😁