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New! Gear fit 2 Pro - Floor counting issues


I live in a Uk Victorian house (high ceilings)

FLoor counting does not work out of the box

The only way i can get my new shiney Gear Fit 2 Pro to count my 12 foot staircase as a floor...

Is to climb on a chair at the top of the landing after vlimbing the 12 foot stairs

Looks ***** and is dangerous...


Please let us Configure some floor counting parameters in the gear fir 2 app so we dont have to do such silly things

all it would take is ...

1 Floor= X Meters Feet

Failing that let us edit or manualy add failed floors


This is very big issue on almost ALL gear fit 2 forums aroudn the world 


Many thanks

PS yesterdays floor coutn got stuck because i climed up at 00:00 lst night not i got 6 floors when i woke up hehe


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I have the same problem. The only way to get it to register a floor in my house is to keep my watch low at the bottom of the stairs and then when I get to the top to raise it way above my head. Obviously I don't do this when there is anyone around as I look ***** doing it. Hope they lower the minimum floor height at some point but it doesn't look likely as people have been bringing up the issue for ages.

Your idea of staring low and then jumping high on the landing might work :¬)

So ***** this... Because


As a coder it seems so obvious and easy to alow people to define FLOOR height in feet/meters 

It would only take up 1 word of memory (32bits)


Anyways have a nice weekend all :¬)

weird how it puts star over words like stup1d :¬)
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I too get this issue. I contacted samsung, and they are clueless and they dont know that this issue was there since the gear fit 2 as well,( which is the previous model of gear fit 2 pro). Its a known fact from the beginning that Samsung is absolutely aweful when it comes to solving issues in the samsung gear devices.

Yes its a shame somethign as simple as this ruins the whole product for me

If it had Open Source I could fix it in a few minutes :¬(

Anyways i jsut stoped using it now

such a waste

I'm just adding on to this post with the hope of "strength in numbers". Just got my Gear Fit 2 Pro for Christmas and I was so excited for this device. But am super disappointed in the battery life and lack of floor counting. Samsung, please do something!

Actually floor counting just works fine. I think height between the floors should be 10meters or something. The device is set to count a floor when it reached the programmed height in-between the floors, otherwise it wont count as a floor.

Battery issue- you can use the power saving mode, when you dont work out

i dont want to rebuild all the places i visit to fit in with gear fit fixed concept of floor hight 

far easier to let us define if in the app dont you think

anyways just give up.... they dont care about this you have purchased it now ...sadface

Thanks Charith on the battery suggestion. I've updated my Gear and changed a couple settings which seem to have helped. The frustrating thing is that having to shut down all the nifty features defeats the purpose of having the device. 

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