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my thoughts on the lte galaxy watch 22mm

(Topic created on: 14-06-2019 09:19 PM)

i received this watch for free with the purchase of a samsung tv, i never thought i would like it so much here are my thoughts


1. batterylife is great but i wish samsung pay worked in only watch mode or energy saving mode in that case i could get away with using only watch mode for most of the time, only watch mode is an excellent way of saving battery and i want something like that for ambitient screen mode if it can do 7 days of battery life that way then why can't aod mode do that? i don't care about notifications and it would be nice to have the powersaving of only watch mode without having to reboot to access any menus or samsung pay.

2.watchfaces are way too bright in aod, on android wear i was able to adjust the brightness and get the watchface so dark you could barely see it you know like a real watch this is both prettier designwise and much better on the battery now you have a choice between a batterydraining bright aod or none you could have both just by making the watchface much darker

3.buildquality is dissappointing i already scratched the plastic body and the turning wheel if the turning wheel was easily replacable that would be great if the plastic body was something else than plastic maybe glass then that would be great, the underside is also plastic i would prefer metal a usb port would also be nice i was on vacation with this watch and was unable to charge it with any batterypack i could only use the wireless charger and i rarely had enough plugs to use it

4.the screen has a yellow tint i prefer colder colors and would love a whitebalance setting