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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro


I've been experiencing some issues with my gear fit 2 pro heart rate during exercices, especially inconsistency in heart rate monitor during "other workout". With gear fit 2 I had no problems, but since I upgraded, I haven't had a clear reading and I've been using my gear fit 2 pro for more than a month now.

For exemple (using Samsung health app), with gear fit 2 I would get peaks of 200 or more during exercice and now the peak I get is around 180. Also, during workout, sometimes the band vibrates as if not able to measure heart rate.  I also get a flat line  at 180, for exemple, of two or more minutes in the workout graph which I think is should not happen.

When I use the UA record app to record my session, my heart rate graph has some grey zones (as if not able to measure heart rate) and I also feel  band vibrat on my wrist. Someone with the same issues?!  Smiley Sad




After contacting Samsung about my gearfit 2 Watch (heart rate monitor) not working, their wonderful knowledgable support team replied..... (yep please just keep reading before thinking they stand a chance of fixing anything...)



We understand that you are having issues with your Samsung Gear Fit2. Please don't worry as our engineers will be happy to repair your phone and I can arrange a collection for free. From the date of collection, you should receive your repaired device back within 7 days. If we are going to proceed, we need you to send us the following information:

Complete Address:
Contact Number:
Serial Number:You can find this detail by dialing 
IMEI Number:You can find this detail by dialing 
Network Provider:
Preferred Date of Collection:
Date of Purchase:

If you require additional support, please contact us on 0330 726 7864 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE), or respond to this email and I will be more than happy to help.

Alternatively, you can visit our Support website where you will find FAQs, How-To-Videos and other useful information for Samsung products.


Kind regards,


Aira M.
Customer Service Representative


what utter rubbish !



Wow, that representative deserves a pay rise :smileylol:

This doesn't surprise me though with all the conversations I've had with them. I think they just pull people in from the streets who can type basic words. The guy I emailed couldn't spell Samsung...on multiple occasions :smileylol:


Hello all,


I have the same problem with mine that I bought last April. The heart rate freezes during workouts. I'm from East coast of Canada so it is not just a problem from just US and UK. I just brought mine to the store (ubreakifix) to get it fix under the warranty. The guy knew about the problem and said they get those once and a while. I asked if those customers come back but he said no. We'll see what happen. 


Ricky2, I've been following your ''Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising'' since that is exactly the problem I have but decided to write here because I own the Fit2 Pro. The third party app that your are using ''gear tracker'' is not available on my watch. I message them to make sure. The developper of Gear tracker knows about our problem. He has a troubleticket openned with Samsung regarding this issue and will use my case to support it.


Hi Bob89,


Thanks for your post.

If it is OK with you, can you make a short post in the ''Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising' thread as well?

I'm trying to point out is is multiple devices.

If not, is it OK if i copy your comments across to that thread?




You can copy paste Ricky. No prob with that.

Same here! This is so frustrating :-(. It's a gift from my husband and I feel bad not using it, but this is useless. I need the HR monitor. Any news on updates or fixing the problem?Screenshot_20180708-233803.png



Hi Ebas,


No news yet.

Please keep an eye on this thread:


We have made the most progress in there.


Short answer though is no. We have got the problem escalated to the development team well over a month ago but no response yet.

Please feel free to add a comment to that thread, the more people report the problem, the more likely a fix.


I have been having the same issue and a work around is to switch the heart rate sensor to frequent before you start an exercise.


I don't know if this has been reported earlier in this thread or elsewhere, but I noticed something today with my GF2P on the latest firmware update. As with the other reports, continuous HR monitoring works fine when there is no activity being tracked, but once an activity starts, there is a good chance the HR monitoring simply freezes up and no longer updates.


What I noticed today is if I turn on Power Saving Mode, the green LEDs on the back don't stop blinking. They normally stop when the band is switched into Power Saving Mode. In this case, they continue to blink as if ignoring the command to stop. The rest of the band goes into Power Saving Mode, it seems (wifi, monochrome display, no other functions running, etc.).


So I suspect this is indeed some sort of software issue where the process that collects the HR sensor data has locked up and no longer responds. The next time this happens, I'll fire up an SDB shell connection to the GF2P and see if I can locate that stuck process.


Wow, you got this escalated!


Did you ever get a solution though?


If not they basically kicked sand in your face.


Samsung is known for that.



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