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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro


I've been experiencing some issues with my gear fit 2 pro heart rate during exercices, especially inconsistency in heart rate monitor during "other workout". With gear fit 2 I had no problems, but since I upgraded, I haven't had a clear reading and I've been using my gear fit 2 pro for more than a month now.

For exemple (using Samsung health app), with gear fit 2 I would get peaks of 200 or more during exercice and now the peak I get is around 180. Also, during workout, sometimes the band vibrates as if not able to measure heart rate.  I also get a flat line  at 180, for exemple, of two or more minutes in the workout graph which I think is should not happen.

When I use the UA record app to record my session, my heart rate graph has some grey zones (as if not able to measure heart rate) and I also feel  band vibrat on my wrist. Someone with the same issues?!  Smiley Sad




I bought yesterday GF2 pro.  Unfortunately all sensors are not working !  No steps  No HR ! Tried to reset it several times with no luck. It seems this is very common problem with the device.  VERY disappointing !  I called the sellers to arrange for return ! Will buy different brand !!


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I inherited my girlfriend's Gear Fit2 Pro and have noticed the same issue with the heartbeat monitoring stopping whilst recording an exercise. After trying many things this seemed to work today:

In the Galaxy Wearables app on my phone tap on RAM and then clean now. This killed auto HR process but it started being recorded in the activity.  As you can see here I did this after it stopped monitoring twice:Screenshot_20200427-220302_Samsung Health.jpg



So turns out this didn't resolve the issue and it got worse on other rides. Found a newer firmware over on XDA Developers even though the Samsung Wear app said no new updates. 

After flashing this and going for a ride today the heart rate monitoring worked perfectly. Fingers crossed this has solved the issue!

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