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Gear Sport GPS Issues

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I 've been using the Gear sport for 2 weeks now. And have been experiencing issues with the GPS tracking whilst running since first use.  And am wondering if anyone else is having similar issues or has come across any fixes?


There are two main issues, the first of being, the GPS tracking is inaccurate with the route I have actually run. It shows along roads I've not being along and jumps through buildings and cuts off corners and seams to veer off my actual route over roads and into fields, .

Also whilst the notification for each Km appears to have accurate split time. The live splits are very sporadic and inaccurate.


Thanks for any replies :smiling-face:

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Having same issue since I was given this watch at Christmas.   I've been trying to get a resolution via Samsung support.  No joy. They just keep repeating that watch has to be connected to a phone with data connection for accurate gps tracking. I've tried that too (reluctantly, what's point of the watch, could use free app on phone to do same job), same issues.   Months of emails but no solution.   Great smart watch, but no use at all as a running watch.  

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