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Gear sport Battery draining at night


My gear sport watch, which is around 6 months old, had started to battery drain every night. It happens at around 3am. The battery percentage is around 70% when I go to bed (10-11pm) 

I know the time accurately because the sleep record and HR record switch off. 

Has anyone else had this issue? 

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That's exactly what mine was saying this morning even the % was the same as you

Found this online... being worked on apparently and fixes will be issued whenever they feel like it

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Past two nights it has drained to zero after being fully charged. I haven't changed anything  Not even the watch face. 


Update guys! I backed up my watch with the intent to factory reset it and it seems to have returned to normal. I didn't factory reset it, only backed it up. Won't know for sure until tomorrow morning but it's not draining anymore. Hopefully that helps. 

I bought my gear sport in June. Everything has been fine, until now. The past few nights the battery has been draining. Yesterday I reset my watch to factory settings, and charged it back to 100% around 2pm. When I went to bed at 10:30pm, my battery was at 92%. So during the day it seems like it drains normally. When I woke up around 6:30am, my watch was dead. There must be something happening when the watch senses I'm asleep. Samsung, please explore these issues.

I had the same issue, battery drained the last two nights.


I went to Samsung account online, and used Live Chat. They had me do a factory reset. 


Now, I'll wait to see if it does the trick tonight.

I also started my own investigation.

About the facts:

- Last 2 mornings my Gear Sport was completely drained (1st morning 8%, 2nd 12%)

- Gear mobile app showed today morning drain caused by notifications in 75% since fully charged 

- My fiance has also a Gear Sport (bought same time), nothing is wrong with her watch


What I'm doing right now:

- I charged the watch to 100%.

- I did a factory reset on the watch at 100%.

- Now I'm making regular screenshots about the battery conditions in a daytime use. (Nope, I won't wake up for doing it at night :face-with-tears-of-joy: )

- I'll charge the watch before going to sleep and will see what's happening.


I attached the first pic after 1 hour of usage. There's nothing special on it, however samsung health did 30% of the drain it's still 1% in an hour. I think this it's absolutely ok.


I'll update the post later.




The last 2 nights my watch has recorded 3hrs and 17mins sleep each time before the battery has died. Seems weird it's recorded the exact same amount before dying! During the day it used about 15/ 20% then over night nearly a full charge.

Wife and I both have Gear Sports,  and both just started draining overnight. Began about three days ago for no reason. 

I hope a software fix is in the works. Go to bed with 80% charge and wake up with it dead. 

I have done a back up, reboot and restore.

Will report back tomorrow

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