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Gear S3 Frontier battery drain on Tizen




I have recently updated my Gear S3 Frontier to Tizen
On Tizen, I had a battery life of approx 3 days - after updating to Tizen, I have a battery life of max 1,5 day.
1. Do other users experience the same?
2. Does anyone have an idea of what could suddenly drain my battery so quickly?

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I reset my frontier s3 to factory and still the same problem,  battery drain really fast,  1 day max..


I called in to tech support and was told I need to send it in for.service, only 6 days old!

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I had the exact same issue on a 6 months old watch!


My battery life was around 2 days as with most say with a moderate use of occasional GPS, few sports apps beside full time connection. 


then came one dreadful morning I woke up to a dead battery. Not suspecting much of it, I recharged again only to realize after 5-7 hours that battery evaporates (15-18% per hour). Unlike you, I had no update, did not change no setting, nothing - problem came out of nowhere.


The weird thing was that It did not matter If I turned on Power Saving mode or reset n number of times. All the same, battery gone in a few hours. Seeing that and similar issues online, I realized this is not something can be resolved. 


I was really pissed such a silly fault product can make its way to market with no way of knowing before hand. I have a ton of Samsung products from household items to gear 360 I was very happy with, but this was a real deal breaker. 


I took the watch to service, obviously under warranty and was very surprised the quality of service provided. They took the watch beg it, took my phone number and 3 days later issue was fixed. I see that they had to replace motherboard and battery which tells me something was fundamentally went wrong with the watch. 


It looks ok now but I must tell you that when almost brand new product that you really like suddenly becomes useless is quite a trust shaker. I will continue to opt for Samsung however I hope they clear such out of content issues promptly.


@Paulgallen wrote:

I called in to tech support and was told I need to send it in for.service, only 6 days old!

Jesus Christ.... Thats serious BS!!!


Just sent.mine back for 3rd time.  All they do is change battery.  NO fix.  


Turning off everything suggested in the forum has not helped me either, the battery is discharging at about 4 to 5 percent per hour after the first hour. I did not have a single issue with this watch until just a few ago.  I use the sleep monitor and step count only, I went to bed with the watch at 87% battery, and when I woke up (6.5 hours later) was given the warning of low battery.  Thought nothing of it,  figured I must have hit something to have the display on or something while I was sleeping. Since that point,  have done everything in the forum,  and the problem persists.  There is a problem with one of the last updates,  not sure which one,  but I have now turned off the auto update feature.  This is horrible. 


Ridiculous. Just bought the watch yesterday . Configured and was loving it .slept wearing it to see the sleep tracking. Now in the morning I find watch is dead. It was 100 % just 6 hts earlier. Guess have to return this back. Really disappointed


No not possible to go back on old version 


No any solution, just rate them 1 star on play store then they will take care of your issue. 

Just give 1 star on play store for this gear app


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