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Gear s3 disconnects when I open camera app

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I have a Huawei Mate 10, I recently updated my gear S3 to the latest firmware. 

I was getting disconnected often, tried doing as everyone sugges3by clearing cache on Bluetooth etc. Made no difference. 

30mins ago I opened my camera app and instantly I get a notification saying my watch was disconnected. So I reconnected and tried it again. Same thing. 

I cleared the cache on the camera app, made no difference. 


Any advice? 

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Is there any solution for this issue?

i am also facing this issue. When i open my phone camera, gear S3 is disconnect with phone. Please look up for this and support to user. 



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I have the same problem. Seems to have happened on the update to EMUI 10 although possibly a firmware update of the watch itself - difficult to say. Have tried absolutely everything. Always happens when I open the camera app and have even installed an alternative camera app, but same problem. Sometimes happens when browsing as well, although less often. The disconnection is temporary but it will no doubt have impact on battery life and the notification is annoying. 

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Same problem here, im on Mate 20p and galaxywatch, since last update to EMUI 10 my watch is disconnecting from phone whenever i open gallery or camera. Anyone have clue whats happening? 

Same problem here with a Huawei P20 phone (and Galaxy watch). Camera instantly disconnects watch. Would love a solution to this.

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Same thing happening to me with the Galaxy watch and my S10+, would love to know what's going on 

Hi @4my. Does the Galaxy Watch and S10 Plus reconnect after you exit the Camera app? Is the software on both up to date?

Yes, the watch reconnects immediately after closing the camera app. I've been having troubles with my phone at the moment anyway, lots of crashing and glitches so maybe that is why this is happening for me. I checked software updates and there was one available for my watch so that's updating currently

Thanks for confirming @4my. It may be ideal for you to discuss the issues you're experiencing with our Technical Support team. If you're based in the UK, they can be contacted by phone on 0333 000 0333.

AsadM, why is it you only replied to the person with the galaxy watch and Samsung S10? Others including myself have had this problem for some time now with our Huawei phones. And not one reply from the moderators. 

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