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Gear S3 Classic watch stuck in reboot loop

(Topic created on: 09-02-2018 10:49 AM)

Hi there,


Purchased a Gear S3 Classic watch in October and, for some reason, woke up this morning and it was stuck at the "Samsung Gear S3 Classic" login screen and not starting up.


I've read numerous posts from people having the same issue and I've also tried the various fixes (pressing the power button until "rebooting" shows, pressing power button multiple times, selecting "recovery" option etc) but NOTHING is working. All I have now is a very expensive watch stuck on a login screen.


Has anyone figured out a fix for this issue yet or have any suggestions about how to get this problem resolved?


Sold all my Apple gear (iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook Air, iPad Pro) back in October to move everything across to Samsung (S8 Phone, Galaxy Book 2 in 1, Gear S3 Classic watch). I'm hoping I haven't made a mistake. Come on Samsung prove to me I've made the right choice.

TC Brown
First Poster

I just ran across this post because I finally ran into the same problem. What it really comes down to is this is the last Samsung product I’ll ever own. I had Samsung computer monitors which ALL ended up getting the blue dot of death. I couldn’t get any support from Samsung. Then my sons failed to take my advice and bought a Samsung large screen tv…it got the blue dot of death and they learned to never buy anything from Samsung. After a couple years I bought a Samsung galaxy phone. I only had it 4 months when It literally fell 3 feet into sand and the “indestructible gorilla glass” shattered. I sent it to Samsung and was told that I abused my phone, even though there wasn’t a scratch or ding on the casing, and I voided my warranty. After switching initially to LG and now an Apple phone the last Samsung product I own, the Galaxy S3, is now caught in a reboot loop. It was exposed to water, but Samsung states that it’s water resistant. How the heck are we supposed to workout in the elements if the smallest amount of water destroys these watches? In conclusion, Samsung products are overpriced sub standard paper weights. I’m done dealing with them forever.

First Poster

I was having the save problem. Tried all the fixes to no avail. Got close by holding the back button down after rebooting holding both buttons down until screen goes dead,  then release the home button and continue holding the back button while staring up. It'll get you to the watch face but pairing is difficult. 

Now I know everyone is using on Samsung, but what they say is true. I had no software issue, but mine went into bootloop right after doing a pressure washing job. Did all the fixes and just made me more upset. Then I did what every electronics owner should do when something gets wet. I put the watch in a bag of rice for a day. When I got home from work it was dead from trying to reboot. I put it on the charger and left it till power got to 30% then tried turning it on. Success! The Gear S3 started without saying " rebooting". When it got to the watchfsce, it didn't shut down. . Now my watch isn't just a paperweight anymore. 

Give it a try. Couldn't hurt any worse than it is now...?