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Gear 3 synch unsyncheddata before reset.

(Topic created on: 24-05-2018 10:40 PM)
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I have a Gear S3 Frontier.

It was connected and synchronized to my Samsung S7 Edge.

I bought a Samsung S9+. I did the backup/restore/data transfer from the S7 Edge to the S9+. Then I reset the Gear 3 for connecting to a new phone. All the data appeared again on the S9+ and the Gear 3 as expected.

After two weeks of ownership I dropped my S9+ and shattered the glass and destroyed the phone. It was in for a service but they have decided to replace it at a cost for a brand new phone.

The S9+ phone is backed up to the point it went it for a service. I have since been using the Gear 3 and recording lots of sleep and activities. I do not want to lose this data and this is my reason for the post here.

The Gear 3 is not going to recognise the S9+ as I am being sent a completely new phone. I am aware I can restore the data as was the last time my S9 and Gear were connected and synched.

Ideally there would be an app or a pc program that could hold the new data temporarily. Then I could reset the Gear, synch it to my new new S9+ and then add the new data that has been held somewhere. (Incremental backup and restore).

Followup question: Am I right in my presumption that the Gear 3 has to be wiped to be connected to a new phone?