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Galaxy watches and calories burned

(Topic created on: 07-03-2021 08:57 PM)

Hi all, 

As I noticed there's many forums regarding the calories issue, I received my watch mid Feb and noticed the issue myself towards end of Feb regardless of what I did I'd burn the same amount of calories so I assumed it was preprogrammed. I've DM'd Samsung health and I'd like everyone to see their responses:

Good afternoon! Thanks for reaching out to us. We just want to clear up that they aren't pre-programmed calories that are burnt. Certain workouts, like walking and running for example, will take into account your heart rate, along with the stats given on your Samsung Health Profile. There are some workouts that will not utilise the heart rate, but will take in to account your Samsung Health Profile and Basal Metabolic Rate. So they are tailored to you, providing your profile is accurate, but you are right, some workouts don't use the Heart Rate Monitor.

If there are certain workouts you feel could be improved, we suggest sending in your feedback through Error Reports on our Samsung Members app. That way, this will be sent over to our Research and Development team for review. ^JS

The calorie count displayed does not mean the exact burned calories during exercise, and is not the same as the true burned calorie data. The calorie calculation may increase based on the basal metabolic rate (BMR), even without exercising. This is normal operation. You can find this information on the following page our colleagues have put together:

Also, the new ECG/BP update is not to be used during exercise. You can find more information on it here: ^SH

It is true that is calculates your calories burned live, as the Basal Metabolic Rate fluctuates throughout the day. So it is an estimation of how many calories you have burnt based on this, the type of workout, and your profile. Not all workouts will use this method and will use the heart rate instead.

You are right in the fact that some workouts will churn out a figure from the information you have entered, as that is how it is designed to work. Using your profile, BMR and the parameters of your workout. If you then proceed not to do the workout you have just told your watch that you are doing, then this won't be an accurate, live calorie count.

We are constantly improving our watch software to ensure a great level of accuracy is maintained for our customers. This is the reason we mentioned sending in your error logs about this issue. Then our R&D team can look at improving our software and devices. Contributions like that, helps us to improve all of our products. ^JS

As they've said not all workouts use this method and use heart rate instead I've found that only running/walking use the heart rate to calculate calories and everything else uses your BMR. Hope this helps everyone looking for answers about the calories burned issues. Also if you need a watch to track fitness accurately I suggest trying a different band. 



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Apple?🤮🤮 Such word or device is forbidden in here.
Industry Standards?😳 Sounds like you work for them.🤣 Are you a mole, posing as a consumer and spying on Samsung products?🤔 If you don't like it, don't use it. You are not tied to a lifetime contract like Apple (Only Apple products works with Apple products).🤣

That's a lame comeback bro.. And you seem to pick out only Apple.. I named Garmin and Fitbit too before Apple, cant read much?

I said industry standard for counting calories is by using heart rate and not any random BMR algorithm. Read all my posts and then comment. And I am a Samsung guy since last 10 years which is why it is hurting me more when they did not improve the calorie count algorithm since so many years. I know it doesn't have to be accurate, I just want it to vary everytime so I know if we worked differently in that session. Currently, every 30 mins of workout is 279 calories burned for me even if it is intense or just slow paced.


Or, you can just start a workout and go watch TV for an hour and get the same calorie burn. I was disappointed that the 4 didn't incorporate the ability to bt the watch to a strap directly without a third party app or watch face. That being said though, Fitbit doesn't do that either and also just uses the mET calculation for calorie burn. Garmin and polar consider HR for everything I believe, but no fun stuff. I know polar beat does. I'll never go back to apple for reasons already stated,  so....

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On the contrary. I would only ever use a Samsung, I find fitbits to massively inflate calories burned. My Galaxy sport shows me averaging around 2700 cals burned per day, and I eat around 2000. The weight loss has been consistantly around 1 lb per week. I would say that is pretty accurate.


Isn't that funny how different people have such different experiences? I found that samsung health even when connected to an external hrm gave me almost twice the calorie burned than Polar did. Between polar and another third party app I'd been using, I had a good idea how many calories my heavybag sessions burn and samsung health was almost twice that. I  didn't have it set to walking/ running though so it wasn't using my hr with SHealth.