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Galaxy watch4 classic doesn't detect sleep and snoring

(Topic created on: 02-06-2022 09:11 AM)

Hello everyone
I have bought a Samsung A52S phone and a Galaxy watch 4 classic 46 for 3 weeks...
For 2 weeks, my watch has not detected my sleep on the Samsung health app,
At first it gave wrong results
For example, I sleep at midnight, it records that I slept at three in the morning
And if I wake up at night for a few minutes, it doesn't record how long I slept before I woke up.
the Samsung Health app is up to date. The watch is also up to date
Besides, my number of steps, heart rate and my sports sessions are always detected correctly.
There is only a problem with sleep and snoring.
I cleared the cache - and restarted my phone and the watch.
I wear the watch well and clean the sensors before bed, and I gave  full permissions,

I have read many tips on the Internet and tried several times to find a solution but I couldn't, 

the blood oxygen is active

snore detection is on forever, sound recording is on

heart rate I tried constantly then every 10 min  and no result
Also it never detects snoring and does not record anything

what can I do?

Your phone picks up the snoring so make sure that is near to where your head is while you sleep, bedside cabinet etc. Or maybe your watch is not tight enough and the watch sensors don't touch your wrist all the time.

The results I get from a galaxy watch 4 classic were mediocre at best, neither the phone or watch are medical devices and as such all results are to be taken with a pinch of salt.

My heart rate was 172bpm according to my watch data sent to my phone, I wasn't even wearing it!!

Thanks a lot for your reply

I put the phone near my head the whole night and it was also connected to the charger, however, it does not show any results even though all the permissions are enabled
As for the sensors, I cleaned them before bed and wore the watch tightly around my wrist.
Unfortunately I had a Huawei Watch and everything was working efficiently, especially sleep trucking which was very accurate
And the battery was lasting a long time, but when I bought a Samsung phone, I wanted to try a Samsung watch, so I hurriedly offered my Huawei Watch to one of my brothers and replaced it with the samsung watch4 and now I'm so disappointed.

Going into

Apps > Samsung health > battery
And selecting "unrestricted '

May sort out your spotty sleep tracking.

Also go into app permissions and make sure the health app has permission for 'microphone' and 'storage'

(To help cure snore detection)

It's worth noting that snore detection is broken on my phone if I have 'battery protection' enabled.

Tech support just marked my error report as answered after over a month with no reply on the issue... real nice job from the devs..

Best of luck hope you get it sorted

thank you very much for your reply and help

Yes the battery has already done unrestricted and the microphone  and storage have been permitted but no result .

Samsung Members Star ★★
Always give the watch a reboot at least once a week. Hold both buttons in at the same time until the watch turns off itself. You can also try wiping cache.

Thank you very much for your reply

Unfortunately I have done that but no result. 

Samsung Members Star ★★
That's a pain, hope you find a solution to the problem soon.

Thank you very much