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Galaxy Watch not showing caller name

(Topic created on: 14-06-2019 12:58 PM)
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I have my Galaxy Watch working as independet via mobile network without the bluetooth+phone connection. When call comes it only shows the number, not the name of the caller. Is there something to be done to fix this?


After the call it does show the caller name in missed calls screen.


Edit: I presume it is supposed to show the name instead of the number(?)


Edit 2: I found out that if I disable bluetooth connection in the watch completely then the caller name is shown. If the bluetooth is enabled and watch is in standalone mode it does not show the caller name. I have Nokia 7 Plus phone and I have some bluetooh connectivity problems with it and I have to manually reconnect via phone bluetooth settings every time I want to connect bluetooth. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the name problem... 


Edit 3: It seems that all my problems were solved with external application Bluetooth Auto Connect that reconnects my watch to my phone. For some reason my Nokia 7 Plus phone does not correctly reconnect without the application mentioned. The watch is somehow partially reconnected and that messes up the name displaying. I'm wondering if the watch is trying to get the name from the phone via bluetooh, but can't get them because bluetooth is not working. As standalone the watch shows the name ok. Anyways now everything seems to be working with help of that app.

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I also have this issue - even people listed as contacts display on my watch as the number + Emergency call.  This is with Galaxy Watch 4 and S22 Ultra.  The phone right next to my watch shows the person's name.  I tried using the Samsung and Google phone apps but with the new Wear OS it does the same thing.