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Galaxy Watch adds country code in call logs and messages

(Topic created on: 25-10-2023 05:01 AM)
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My Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is automatically adding the country code to all numbers that don't already have a country code in your contact list. This causes the call log and messages app to confuse the contact with an unknown number and doesn't display the contact's name. I live in Norway, where we typically don't have to add the country code to our contacts, except when we travel outside the country. I've heard that this issue is not exclusive to Galaxy watches, and it might affect users in other countries as well.

The solution is quite simple: just add the country code to the number for every contact in your contact list, and remember to do so when you create a new contact. Even though the solution is straightforward, it can be a hassle, especially if you have a large number of contacts. The issue should ideally be fixed. If my phone can read the contact with or without a country code, it raises the question of why the watch can't do the same.

My watch and phone are synced with all the necessary permissions, and both the software and apps are up to date. I've also reset the watch multiple times.