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Galaxy Watch Active screen during swimming


Hi everyone.


I´m having troubles to see my performance during swimming activities (in fact I can´t do it at all). Is there any way to see it on the watch? I think it should be, as far as in the settings I can decide wich statistics I can check on two differents screens: screen 1 and screen 2, but when swimming I can only see my stats when presing up button to pause the exercise.


On the other hand, Is the "Frequency of the guide" working? What does it exactly does? If I set it to once per 2 laps it vibreates every two laps (easy), but when I set it to once per 4 laps it does nothing... Am I doing anything wrong?




Finally I found a solution.


If I press one time the top button of the watch during the swimming then it begins turning the screen on with the "guide frequency" programmed in the settings.


If I dont press the button this tool doesn't work at all. 


It's quite annoying that:

A) you need to do this weird thing to start using the display of the watch during the swimming sesions.

B) the Samsung sopport chat people couldn't help on this issue and you I needed to do many experiments to get the solution. 


The actual setup for this can be entered via the workout screen. Open Workouts, scroll to the Swimming (pool). There are three dots to the right of the workout name (...). Click on them and it will take you to Settings for this workout. Scroll down until you get to "Screen always on" and turn this on. Now the screen should be on all the time while swimming .


Hi! Thanks for the message.

I can't find the option. Inside the Workouts and after going to swimming I haven't the three buttons but the mechanical wheel. My Watch Active is updated to the last version. I'm doing something wrong?

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