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Galaxy Watch 5 with Samsung Health, with external HRM (Suunto Smart Sensor)

(Topic created on: 10-07-2023 02:50 PM)
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Hello everyone

My situation is as follows. I have a Galaxy Watch 5, with a s22+. I use Samsung Health and I added / registered there the HRM Belt "Suunto Smart Sensor" as "Accessories" with the goal to measure my heart rate.
But now I wanted to know if it actually works that its measured from the HRM and not the watch sensor, and I can't overpuff it.

When I start an activity on the watch, the pulse is displayed. As soon as I slide a small plastic part between the watch and wrist, and continue the activity with the active Heart Monitor (Smart Sensor) on my chest, suddenly nothing is displayed on the watch. For me, this means that the smart sensor on my chest is completely ignored.
Or how should you imagine it, if you run a marathon and the only data is shown is from the watch sensor and not from the HRM Belt, this is useless? Could it be that the data from the HRM gets mixed after the activity is done and shown in the app as avarage?

Thanks for helping me out!