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Galaxy watch 5 Pro

(Topic created on: 10-07-2023 02:39 PM)
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Good morning  
Completely fed up. After starting a very simple in my eye a repair to my magnetic watch strap the magnetic clip came off and I lost it.

So the really nice lady that started this fun time. Stated I could select the option to do the repair at home with the part being sent to me. 
All I had to do was get home and get my proof of purchase and sent it to an email that she gave me.
Then I got an email stating I had to send my watch away . So I sent back but the lady stated I could have the strap sent to me. Am I incapable of pressing to silver pins in .????

Know there saying my phone just rings and ring . I have checked all my emails and my phone number is correct and no number in call log so say I have had a call or missed anything.

So I know went out and bought a watch strap as per my photo. Lovely rugged case brought from amazon. Next day delivery 

Still awaiting my call. Am I meant to leave my watch unable to wear it . So I'm stuck at home unless I can get 2 people to accompany me to go out due to my Health