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Galaxy Watch 5 - experience with non Samsung devices

(Topic created on: 06-11-2022 01:43 PM)
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I was about to order a GW5 Pro when I realized that it will only offer full functionality, when used with a Samsung device. Besides the fact, that this is a dumb move from Samsung IMO (I and maybe thousands of other buyers would at least buy a Samsung wearable first, track health data with it, making us 'dependant' to the Samsung health eco system and therefore more likely investing in Samsung phone when the time for changing phones would come) - is there anyone here, who has used a GW5 Pro with a non Samsung phone? I understand you won't have ECG measurements and Samsung Pay, but is this all? Are ECG measurements not possible at all or are they not in the app, but on the phone? What else is NOT working...? (Still shaking my head while writing, about crippling a device in such a manner instead of selling more units, creating more revenue and make people love their brand and creating loyal customers...) TIA Chris

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It's not unusual for this
Huawei, Apple watches etc will be the same
With Samsung phones, you have Samsung Apps that the watch will work with
Apps other manufacturers don't put on their devices, and software that's optimised for Samsung devices to get the best experience from the watches.
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I use galaxy watch 5 44mm You can measure ECG using third party app named  "Qualy" app which you can download on  play store. I have do ECG on clinical ECG and compared with Samsung ECG and it in numbers are pretty close but graph have a lot of noise and it is not readable but as a result QRS QTc and PR are for smart watch pretty good, for example QRS on Clinical ECG is 10 ms higher QTc is 20 ms higher and PR 20 ms higher. I haven't find any Blood pressure app in play Store. Temperature sensor is not yet active and i doubt that it will be accessible if you don't use Samsung phone unless some third party app appear on Play store. However there is app for women for monitoring menstrual cycle where temperature sensor is active but i am male so it doesn't have use for me :face-with-tears-of-joy:

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Carm3, what's crazy is that Samsung could see the app on the Google or Samsung Store for $50 and most people would buy it for their non-Samsung devices. They could make a killing. Very shortsighted and arrogant to think that the ECG would make you buy a Samsung phone in order to use it.