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Galaxy watch 4 bluetooth issues

(Topic created on: 28-08-2021 09:16 PM)
First Poster

I have a samsung s10 but will receive the s21 when they are available again so maybe my phone is too old for the new galaxy watch. The issue is as follows: received my watch this morning and tried to connect it with my phone. My watch cannot find my phone but my phone can find the watch. Bluetooth connection is working but only for calls, not media and such. When I try to use spotify I can use it to navigate the music on my phone but spotify on my watch itselfs doesnt work because it cannot find the phone. It is also not making a back up which is really annoying because of all the resets. 

Tried resetting the watch 3 times, cleared the cases, reset all networkconnections etc. Only think I can think of now is that my phone is too old for the connection. Someone else has an idea what I can try? Or should I just wait for my s21?

Helping Hand
An S10 is a relatively recent handset running a recent version of Android so will not be an issue.
The Watch not finding the handset to start with may well be that the handset's BT is not visible That said, the pairing to watch within Galaxy Wearable is initiated from the handset to the watch, and you've got them paired up successfully by the sounds of it if you are getting calls, notifications etc.

Spotify - have you paired the app on your Watch to the app on your phone? When the app 1st runs on the Watch it should ask you to pair then when you open Spotify on your phone it asks to confirm. That's all I did and I can access everything via the Watch, play on watch or control it playing via my phone.

Backups - the auto backup needs to be enabled and will not kick in unless connected to WiFi, battery levels above certain value, 24hrs since last backup, linked to an account. To get it started then you can force an initial backup, and if you are looking to reset your watch then just initiate and complete a manual backup before doing the reset.

When I got my original GW then I had a BT issue. Found that restarting both the handset and watch simultaneously fixed it & never had the issue again.