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Galaxy Buds Plus play / pause not working in Spotify

(Topic created on: 09-02-2021 01:21 PM)
K Dimov
Helping Hand

Hello guys, checking to see if anyone has experienced this and/or knows a fix.

Galaxy Buds + with S21 Ultra.

Buds software: R175XXU0AUA1

S21 Ultra software: G998BXXU1AUAC

I have configured the left bud to fire up Spotify, right one is for Google Assistant. Those commands work as well as the edge tapping to increase/decrease the volume. What is not working is the play/pause with the single tap when in Spotify and also skipping song with the double tap. This works fine if I play a video for example.

I have tried resetting the buds but the issue persists and their software was updated yesterday. Phone was also rebooted for good measure - no change. Any clues?

Current: S24 Ultra 512GB Titanium Violet | Old: S21 Ultra 256GB Phantom Black