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Galaxy Buds FE insist on automatically launching Poweramp Music player app even though I don't want it to.

(Topic created on: 22-12-2023 02:27 PM)

I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S23 and got a free pair of Galaxy Buds FE.  Infuriatingly as soon as I use my Galaxy Earbuds FE PowerAmp instantly starts playing music.

In the Poweramp settings I have DISABLED both resume on headphones and Bluetooth and it still happens.  At first I thought it was a setting relating to the phone but I have scoured the settings without success. When I check Google all I get is make sure the settings I mentioned above are disabled... Which they are. 

I listen to a lot of Podcasts but as soon as I put my buds in I hear music from Poweramp which I then have to switch off (even though I didn't launch the app) before I can listen to my podcast. Then when I switch off my podcast Poweramp starts up again and I again have to switch it off!

One thing I can say though is that it does not happen if I use my old earbuds so in my case this issue is brought about by the Galaxy Buds FE but I just can't find a setting which can either disable or enable such a feature in the Galaxy Buds FE settings or in the Wearable app settings.

If I want to listen to music I will launch poweramp myself but at the moment I am being dictated to by a pair of Galaxy Buds!?  Is anyone else having the same issue and, if so, does anyone have a solution please?