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galaxy active watch errors

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Help. My active watch is driving me mad. I can fully charge it 100% every now and then it will ramdomly say low battery ,switch to battery saving mode and show 7% within an hour. Or it will keep freezing or switching itself off ??
Try a reset. Usually helps.

@Members_nPUY65L: Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. If you have installed any third party apps or watch faces to your Galaxy Watch Active, please try disabling/deleting them to see if you notice an improvement. Now, head to the Galaxy Wearables app and make sure the app and watch are up to date via Settings > About Watch > Update Watch Software. If the problem persists, you can return the watch to its default settings via a factory reset, although please be aware that this will remove any personal data from the device. To proceed, please follow the steps laid out below.

1. Data Back Up - Galaxy Wearables > About Watch > Back Up And Restore > Backup Settings

2. Reactivation Lock - Galaxy Wearables > Settings > Find My Watch > Set Security (if you can't see this, you may need to use Turn On Remote Connection first) > Reactivation Lock > Press the switch (to disable) > Enter your Samsung Account password > Confirm

3. Factory Data Reset - Settings > General > Reset > Confirm (the tick icon)

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