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Fit-E charge

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I have purchased a new Samsung Fit-E R-375 and it is not holding charge. After being fully charged overnight the charge only lasts less than two days. The correct cable is being used and it is being charged from a usb connection on a socket not via pc. I have tried other forms of charging and all end up with the same result. The unit is being primarily used as a watch and very little of the other functions are utilised on a regular basis. This seems to be a very short time for a charge to hold especially when the information indicates a period of approximately 1 week between charges. 

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have try reseting the watch via the wearable app.

I have the same watch, with high brightness and heart rate running all the time and the battery lasts 5 days from full charge.

I trend to charge it regularly to keep it topped up.
it takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge from 10 percent?

maybe return it and get a replacement
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