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Decent battery improvement on Galaxy Watch Classic 46mm

(Topic created on: 30-09-2021 09:13 AM)

Since receiving this watch five and a half weeks ago the battery life has, for me at least, improved by a great bit. Whilst it's perhaps not as long lasting as my Watch 3 45mm it's not far off, and I could get 36 hours at least before needing to charge with that.

Has anyone experienced similar improvements? I have my screen auto brightness off, my brightness set to half, of the wake-up modes 'raise wrist' is the only one I don't have activated, I have continuous recordings of everything on and also snore detection. WiFi auto on but connected to Bluetooth, media controls off, the watch face of the endangered turtle with moving background, remote connection on, always on display off, NFC off. 
If anyone has any other tips in helping increase the battery life feel free.
I'm happy of course but there's still many many problems I see with the watch that I'd rather not get into on here. I may create a separate thread highlighting the strange quirks and just overall poor job of certain functions from my experience.
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I get about 48 hours on my Watch 4 44mm which is pretty good. However I don't have all the features on. I have brightness set to auto, on the wake up modes I only have touching the screen to wake, I have the heart rate reading on every 10mins when still, I don't have snore detection on, WIFI auto on and Bluetooth always connected. I do also record some sort of exercise on most days.

I will do more test to see how long the battery last if I leave the measuring on heart rate on continuous.