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Data plans and watches

(Topic created on: 09-11-2023 08:45 PM)

I'm looking to get a Samsung Galaxy watch to pair with my phone but I'm a bit confused about data plans. 

Do I need to get a plan for the watch as well as the one for my phone? Will the watch only share my phones plan if they are close together? 

O2 do monthly plans with data but it's obviously more expensive than just the watch from Samsung. I want to make sure I'm not paying for something I don't need.

Please help 😊

Black Belt 
Personally, my watch is never far from my phone so instead of a separate data plan, I connect my watch to my phone via Bluetooth and the watch uses my phone data plan.

In my opinion, the only reason you would want a separate data plan for the watch is if you regularly leave your phone behind.

That's just what I do 👌
So I have one for my watch. I'm with ee and I pay £7. What happens is you buy a separate plan for it, it's tied to your number. Your watch will run off your phone. However if you leave your phone behind it will switch over to the network and work independently from your phone. It's only worth it though if you intend on using your watch away from your phone. For example if your a runner and don't want a bulky phone in your shorts or whatever. Like piper dog says it's only worth it if this is the case. I have used mine twice 🤣 but if I get rid of the plan I know I will want it again 🤷
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I assume you are in the UK? I am and on EE, in the UK.

My phone has an EE sim, my watch has an Esim and connected to EE on a separate plan

Both devices have separate numbers. These numbers are independent of each other..BUT..
If I'm away from my phone, wearing my watch, with mobile data enabled on my watch, and someone calls my mobile phone number, my watch receives the call too. I can take the call using my watch.

IF some rings my watch number, my watch will obviously receive that call. But not the phone.

When you are wearing your watch away from your phone, as long as you have mobile data enabled its like you are wearing your phone.

When the watch and phone are together, I have Bluetooth on both devices and they are connected together. You should have WIFI enabled too for full connectivity.

Each device has a separate data plan. So each device has a separate number.

The EE watch plans are usually around £7 for 10GB. Unless you get a good deal.

I believe its practice to have the phone and watch with the same provider too.

I hope this helps.
Thank you for your replies. They do clear up my confusion.

I am in the UK, with O2. As things stand I always carry my mobile so probably don't need on with an esim BUT I guess I just have to consider whether that might change in the future and whether its worth paying the extra now to future proof.

Can I just ask, can you purchase a data plan but have the phone number of the watch the same as the phone?
Yes that is what happens, with ee it shows a different number on your bill but it is infact linked to your real number and will ring if someone rings your real number
O2 will be more or less the same I would guess