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Calorie counts way off

(Topic created on: 27-04-2020 11:13 PM)

I'm sorry to add yet another post to the hundreds that have already been posted but I feel like this may be the only way to get Samsung to pull their finger out and actually do something about this. So here we go.


I, like many people, have noticed that the calorie estimates seem to be on the low side. I bought this watch to take control of my fitness and general health and it seemed that the GWA2 would be a sensible purchase (seeing as it has the word ACTIVE in its name). Unfortunately one of its most fundamental functions doesn't work as it should.


Here are two activities, one was taken at the gym during a particularly intense circuits class, and the other was a walk home from the gym. You might expect that I would burn lots more during the circuits than during a slow walk home, but guess what, you're wrong! 

Screenshot_20200124-154122_Samsung Health.jpgScreenshot_20200124-154102_Samsung Health.jpg

Despite having an average heart rate of 163 versus 113, I actually burned more calories during the walk home than I did during the high intensity interval exercise. The walk home was shorter as well! Incredible right?! 


OK enough sarcasm, when will this problem be addressed? This is obviously not the first post highlighting this problem and I doubt it will be the last. Can we actually get an answer from someone who works at Samsung please? This is beyond ridiculous.

First Poster

I am having the same issue. I am currently tly doing t25 high impact workouts 5 times a week. Currently at an average 170bpm and only burning 191 cals. Every day it says the same amount of calls burned even though each day is different intensity wise and hr wise. Went for an slow paced hour long walk apparently burned 3x what I should normally burn. Its beyond annoying and still no response from Samsung