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Buds2 Pro repeatedly dropping connection with Garmin VivoActive 4S

(Topic created on: 23-08-2023 04:39 PM)
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Hi folks,

I have some issues with some new Buds2 Pro earphones with a Garmin VivoActive 4S smartwatch, and a question to ask regarding Bluetooth audio codecs.

a) I paired my new Buds2 Pro earphones with my Garmin Vivoactive 4S for use when I'm jogging. I'm really impressed with the fit of these, and they don't fall out of my ear or feel like they're slipping during running. 
However they keep disconnecting. I get a noise alert what seemed like every 10mins, then 5mins, to alert that they've lost connection to each other.
Is this a known problem or some sort of interoperability problem? My old Sony WI-1000X headphones had solid connection.

b) I was impressed that my Samsung S23 was displaying that LDAC was the codec in use between this and the Sony WI-1000X's. As an audiophile, LDAC is the best to my ears, followed by AptXHD. I haven't had a chance to test out Qualcomm's new AptXLossless or anything newer.
When I connect the Buds2 Pro earphones, the S23 is showing SSC (Samsung Seamless Codec), with no option to change this to any similar bitrate codecs.
I was thinking is this perhaps the issue with connection drops? Perhaps Garmin's software for the VivoActive 4S doesn't support what the Buds2 Pro earphones are requesting? Then either implementing it poorly until one decides to disconnect the other due to signal quality/data throughput rate, or defaulting to the lowest common denominator?

c) Why don't the touch gestures work on these? I don't think I can turn these on or off, the right bud says it's not in my ear often when it is lodged correctly, I had to turn on "lab" features to change the volume but only the left earbud works to turn it down and the right doesn't respond.

d) Eeeee! Feedback, right in my ear when I'm placing these into my ear. Big no-no. Why are these things feeding back? Why hasn't automatic feedback detection cut that from amplifying? You cannot have such a loud noise problem being fed directly into people's ears.

Thanks to anyone who has some hints or tips on how to deal with these issues, or has some answers on these questions.

My devices:

Samsung Buds2 Pro
Software: R510XXU0AWF4


Garmin VivoActive 4S
Software version: 7.80
GPS version: 6.0
ANT/BLE/BT version: 8.02
WiFi version: 2.60
Connect IQ: System 5

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A. No idea.
B. Had XM3 with LDAC prefer Buds2 with SSC
C. Touch features work great, try a full reset.
D. Never had feedback issues, suggests a fault

Note for point B samsung us usual failed to deliver a Buds2 Pro launch promise for the LC3 BT LE Audio Codec, which would give lossless.
Regards, Obsydian

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I'll try a full reset, I'm not sure why that would work as they're supposed to be in factory default when used for the first time, which was just before the jog.
I'm starting to suspect the right earbud is the culprit as it rarely responds to my 'double tap' to increase volume.