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Galaxy Buds2 Pro repeatedly disconnecting

(Topic created on: 01-03-2023 04:52 PM)

Wondering if anyone can share any advice on this?
In the last 2 days, my Galaxy Buds2 Pro keep connecting and disconnecting repeatedly from my Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 and my S22 Ultra. 

Everything worked fine previously. I could be making a call on my phone and manually connect to my GB2 to join a video call.

2 days ago I unpaired my buds from my laptop to see if I could get the auto switch working (they have never seamlessly switched between devices, I've always had to press connect on my laptop), but since then the connection between the buds to my phone or laptop has gone absolutely haywire. If the blueooth is on on both devices, the connection contantly jumps between the 2 and intermittently stops and stays connected to the laptop but get no audio. If I try to manually disconnect the buds from the laptop it's say they can't be disconnected. If I want to connect my buds to my phone at this point, I have to turn off BT on my laptop. Really frustrating given the level of seamless connectivity the Samsung ecosystem is supposed to have. 

If it makes any difference, I've unpaired and repaired everything several times. I've also tried disabling seamless buds connection and auto switching but this doesn't seem to help.

Hope someone can help!