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Allow users to turn off Outdoor mode (auto-brightness setting) on Galaxy Watch

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This one I find to be one of the most annoying "features" in this device. I often use the watch for hiking and long battery life is of utmost importance when outdoors for a many hours. Boosted brightness is useful sometimes when the sun is really bright in the middile of the day, but in most situations it's not really necessary and even on lower brightness, the screen is perfectly visible. However.. the light sensor is super sensitive and sometimes even in the woods or in cloudy weather the brightness is jumping to 10 which is absolutely destroying the battery.


My appeal is just to give your customers an option to turn off the freaking auto-brightness. Leave it ON as a default setting, I understand that most people will benefit in most use cases, but just give the rest a button to turn that thing OFF, please!

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I agree, the outdoor mode keeps turning on when I am inside and I can't deactivate it!

Samsung, please put in the option to disable outdoor mode altogether.


It is so frustrating to the point where I want to get rid of my samsung phone and watch and get an iphone and iwatch.


The use of my Galaxy watch as a sport-watch exposed so many  problems (poor battery-life, unreadable screen (outdoor modus), bad hearth-rate measurement, unstable syncing with strava, unable to connect external HRM, GPS, ....) and generated a lot of frustration, not joy....!

Therefore, I decided to sell my Galaxy watch and bought a Garmin Forerunner 45 - the far better solution as a sport-watch! 

@spaceman09 FYI your instructions do not work to disable outdoor mode. Using Samsung gear sport

I have the same problem as everyone else has described. I have even tried wearing a wrist band to cover my watch when riding (to try and avoid outdoor mode coming on). However it seems to come on regardless. I think activating Strava might automatically turn Outdoor mode on - not just the amount of light the watch detects.


If I can't find a solution soon I'm going buy something that works properly. I can't ride for more than two hours with my watch going flat.... ☹️

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