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Firmware updates

(Topic created on: 19-03-2021 07:01 PM)

Another loss of functionality with the latest firmware update. 

I was disappointed on the last update to find that the 'weight' widget on my 42mm watch no longer functioned or sychronised with the Samsung health app on my Samsung phone. 

Foolishly installed todays latest update to find, (to my horror!) that the following widget features have GONE:

Timer, floors, calories, and workout record. ......(..there may be more loss of functionality that I have yet to discover!)

As well as listing whats is in the update..(which is relatively little...) why oh why Samsung, do you not warn customers what is being REMOVED with your updates!....

Oh, ...wait a minute I think I know...because NOBODY would install them! If your logic is to encourage users to upgrade to the latest 'models' then it is counter-productive...because I for one would not!

I bought this watch less than a year ago and wish I hadn't, because, seems...that in a couple of years time is all it will just a watch!..and not much else!

At least have the decency to provide earlier firmwares, so that customers can rollback to a time when their equipment was more functional.

EDIT......Notifications do not seem to be working properly. Some arrive & some do not! (emails). Also...DND mode no longer disables screen bezel/wrist movement wake up! ..(.I have been using this to conserve battery whilst 'outdoor' mode is activated to avoid having screen come on full brightness with every wrist movement thereby reducing battery life when out running/cycling/golfing etc.)


since I updated the watch... my battery now doesn't last even 10 hours. so annoyed. I have reset the watch but still can't figure out. it was working perfect.
wish I didnt press update.

Anniebell33.......So sorry to hear that. It makes my complaints seem trivial. It seems that this battery problem is a common occurence after updating..judging from the previous update that had many users reporting the same problem. My battery life seems ok, so it seems weird that some watches are affected and some are not. I dont know of any way to rollback to an earlier firmware other than flashing  an older firmware through rooting with an SDK via Odin, which is a risky business as it can 'brick' your device if anything goes wrong. (search/ XDA developers)

I have done this on some of my older phones, but am loath to risk it on my watch, which could end up 'dead'!

I would suggest contacting Samsung if I thought it would do any good, but it might be worth a try.

I may try contacting them. it is still under warranty but not sure if they will change it.

last night it was 100% at 10.30pm. I put it back on for bed, i always wear it. only off to charge. when I woke up at 12.30am it was on 80% !! it was on sleep mode. before I would wake up at 5am for work and it would be on 96ish%. .. so took it off to put on charge as wanted it in the day.
its a nightmare. going try speak to them tomorrow
This has really irrated me too. 1st the calories burnt against intake went off the Samsung health app on the phone & now the watch active too. It was the most useful & often used widget on both devices. I'm seriously annoyed to say the least. Had a complaint raised with Samsung & they just said to raise it here on Samsung members for a hope the developers pick up on this in future updates. Let's all make a roar!