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Adding Barclays debit card to Curve & Galaxy 5 watch

(Topic created on: 03-05-2023 07:15 AM)
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I have always been an avid apple

user but have just moved to Samsung.  I have got a S23 Ultra phone and Galaxy 5 watch.  
when trying to add Barclays debit card to Samsung Pay, it wasn’t compatible so was directed to Curve. I have (I think) added my card to Curve which I am assuming issues you with a card and number totally different to that of your own for security issues ? 
yesterday I attempted to link my watch to the above.  I have pressed the Pay button on watch which refers me back to phone.  On phone it gives me all the same issues with regards adding a card to be not accepted and direct to curve! 
I already have a card on curve, so how do I link this with my watch? And, is this the card with the number not recognised ? 
this is really stressing me out at the moment 

Exactly the same circumstances here.. Apple user.. IPhone and Apple watch

On one stupid eveving.. I decided to become a Samsung guy.. S22 Ultra and 5 pro Lte..

Had to learn everything from the start

Luckily my Bank directly works with Samsung pay, HOWEVER as I didn't want to keep my original bank card with Samsung watch, I became a Starling bank customer.. Absolutely absolutely absolutely wonderful.. In fact there online App is even more pratical

I add Starling card to the watch and using my main bank I top up the Starling card, so it's secure and even if someone take my details.. There is only small amount of money in the account

Additionally I use it for all online transaction too

So try Starling card in your watch, and it works perfectly