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Active 2 Records Steps When Cycling


I love my active 2 apart from one very annoying issue. Despite setting auto detect workouts to off and manually selecting cycling as an activity it records steps as well as cycling

Today (one example) I did a 20 mile cycle ride, manually activated it and when I completed the ride the data was great , gps and accuracy of route perfect, but it had added 7000 steps as well, despite being nil ?

Why is this, how do I prevent this happening it is very frustrating as it distorts my health data, im still in my cool off period and would hate to return the watch because of what must be a very simple thing perhaps im doing wrong ?

I can find no way of deleting the step count

There must be a fix for this surely ?

I also cycle with my phone with me (S20)

Watch is GPS not LTE and activity is triggered from watch not phone

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I have the same problem on my Galaxy Watch. Hope they get in to it and fix it asap. 

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I'm also experiencing this annoying problem, surely if you select an activity like cycling it should stop counting steps. Samsung sort it out!
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