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Active 2 NFC problems

(Topic created on: 12/07/20 08:55)
I replaced my iPhone and apple watch with an S10+ and an Active 2 (not LTE) watch.
The phone had a calling issue when in the car which my service provider (EE) solved by replacing the handset. 
The watch only works about 30% of the time for payments using Samsung Pay.  I had it collected by Samsung 2 weeks ago. It came back with exactly the same problem. Samsung technician told me the logic board was replaced but, not to expect it to be as good as the Apple watch because Apple are more advanced with the NFC chip!!! (wtf) My Apple watch never ever missed and I got so used to it. This watch is not fit for purpose. I bought it at the Samsung shop in Leicester which is closed or I would return it. The technician then told me that I would have to return it 3 times before other options would be considered. I decided to arrange for them to have a second go at repairing it. Technician arranged to have it collected - but didn't arrange it - another half hour rearranging!!! The watch is due back tomorrow but, in the meantime, I thought I would give Samsung a call, to see if I could get either an exchange, or, ideally, a refund as it is less than 6 months old. I was told that A. It had to be done through the Leicester shop - they're closed and owned by Samsung???!!! B. Its at the managers discretion as its over one month old.
Apple don't shy away from issues, Samsung it seems do. If the watch still doesn't work for payments, I will be taking legal action as I feel completely let down by Samsung. 
Wish I'd stayed with Apple!!!
Sorry folks - needed a rant!