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Accurate calorie tracking - use of heart rate?

(Topic created on: 30/03/21 13:49)

Hi all 

I have recently purchased a Galaxy Watch and was disappointed to see that Samsung Health only utilises Heart Rate for calculations of Calories burnt whilst either running or walking. For all other exercises, as I understand it, a fixed factor determined by perceived intensity is used. This means for a person of set BMR, calories burnt in a fixed time will not change regardless of actual effort expended. This is not only completely bonkers, but sheer laziness and actually just not really acceptable for a device which markets itself as a fitness wearable and actively measures heart rate.

The formula used to calculate calories burnt which factors in heart rate is well documented. Why is this not implemented in all exercises so that it gives an accurate reading, like in Garmin devices and my Wahoo chest strap? 

I realise this is not all the watch is about, but it pretty much renders the device pointless for any exercise tracking as long as my 40 minute HIIT workouts where I spike 180bpm have me burning just over 300 calories...

Please can this be sorted?!