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Upgrade One Connect Box Q9FN?

When Samsung reps were trying to sell TVs over 2 years ago (JS9000, KS9000, Q9FN), they constantly sold them on the premise Samsung will release newer One Connect Boxes so, "Your TV will never go out of date."

Where is this option? Can I upgrade the One Connect Box for my 65 Q9FN so that it's HDMI ports are the newer versions found on the recent QLED models so I can FINALLY pass through Dolby Atmos from the TV!?

Surely this shouldn't be a hard thing to upgrade. Come on Samsung. Fulfill your promises...

I'm also waiting for this... Someone made a petition for this. See link below. Hopefully Samsung get the message that they should take care of their premium customers or they will loose them.

They certainly will lose me and many other Samsung loyalists for forgetting about those that invest 1000s. I just want what is promised or don't promise it at all.
I personally don't want most of the features that comes with HDMI 2.1 I just want features that competitors are offering on current chipsets, like being able to pass through proper Lossless sound codecs.

I am fed up with Samsung not keeping up with their promise. No one connect box update or software update for DD atmos.

Sony and LG provides DD atmos and DTS out of the box for all their high end tvs.

I regret purchasing Samsung. No more spending money on Samsung TV.

Will be getting OLED this December. Good bye Samsung

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Finally get a ps5 that would take advantage of the freesync option and I can only go 60fps. The price you pay for these TV's and it being outdated after 3 years and expect consumers to upgrade is unreasonable.

I agree, not heard anything still!?... Will have to upgrade for the PS5 and it will not be a new Samsung this time, thinking about LG since I saw that they have actually listened to their customers and updated many of their older TVs now. 

Anyone got any good suggestions for a OLED around 2000-4000 dollars?

The IDEA is brilliant of ONEBOX.
No petition needed, what is needed a collective claim, similar to claim against VW and Mercedes approach required to get solicitors onboard and PENALISE for FAKE promises. 

I would many times think before switching to alternative TV brand if BOX UPGRADE would be available.
I got two devices: 
1st - 6yrs OLD 860th series LG LED (The ONLY issue - software outdated due to industry changed to HTML and some services not available; AmazonFireStick - FIXed issue).
2nd - is 2yrs SAMSUNG 9th series, - top panel, but will be outdated of lacking HDMI2.1 and other standard features.
PANEL makes me Happy, and that is SAD ,as can't find a reason to buy new TV for coming years: PS5 not worth it.
Lets see how many UK customers will end up on this forum, to google issue and gather against SAMSUNG. 
Personally - last investment into SAMSUNG from me.


Q90R owners are in the same boat.

Samsung tricked me with false promises for the JS9500, now the Q90R. Never again.

Same for me! I paid a ton of money for the 75 inch Q9FN trusting Samsung that I'll get HDMI 2.1 with a One Connect Box upgrade. I'm not planning in a TV upgrade regardless of what Samsung does here. But in 3-4 years from now, when I upgrade, it certainly won't be a Samsung anymore, if they don't keep their word. Also in my circle of acquaintances I get asked a lot when people want to buy new consumer electronics. I will certainly recommend everyone to avoid Samsung products in future. 

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te apoyo lo mismo digo compre mi Q9FN de 65 a finales del 2018 como es posible que no tengamos la posibilidad de tener la salida HDMI 2.1 aun teniendo pantallas que soportan el 4k 120hz y dolby atmos por barra de sonido. a todos nos contaron el cuento de que tendríamos actualizaciones del one connect en caso de salir el HDMI 2.1 que paso Samsung nos dejaran corgados luego de averme gastado 2,800 euros en tu tv confiando en ustedes.

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