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Universal Remote option not available

(Topic created on: 04-07-2020 05:57 PM)
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I got a Frame 32" last week. I knew that there was not going to be AppleTV app available. I got a q90 last year and I loved it so did not think much of it.

i set up my sky Q with it and to my surprise noticed that the smart remote did not have an "universal remote" option on the screen. I have no way of programming the remote. I have tried everything including resetting, switching cables, etc. My other tv automatically detected the skyq and prep the remote for it.
I contacted Samsung and after 3 hours on a chat they gave up on me and pushed me into John Lewis. I cannot really return the whole of the tv as the beakets are already on the wall and I disposed the box! All im hoping is the John Lewis will agree to just send me the tv and remote... I have no idea what else to do... I am sooo sad about this.

 I have no Universal Remote option... I am now turning my TV on with my "smart samsung remote" and changing the chnnels with my sky q one ... feel like Im in the 90s! 

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Same issue here. And hours and hours wasted with "chat tech", unplugging, replugging,  changing batteries, "remote diagnostics"   . .  on and on. The tech would never tell me the "universal remote" option was not included in the 32" The Frame in spite of the advertising and tech specs stating that is was.  Like you, I am not taking my TV down, then driving 100 miles to the nearest authorized service center just to be told "the universal remote icon is not on the source screen"!!!

Welcome back to the 90s and Samsung's HUGE fail on this issue.  False information and inept support seems to be the norm these days.



Same here. Completely ridiculous!!! There needs to be an add on in Google play to fix this!!