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Unable to access samsung gallery on nu8000

(Topic created on: 16-03-2019 12:23 PM)
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I recently purchased a  55NU8000LXXN. I have a few issues that I can't seem to figure out a few things and was wondering if someone can help me out please.

1) Adding pictures to samsung gallery. When ever I open samsung gallery it says can't access samsung gallery. But I have no clue how to add pictures to it. I dont own any other samsung device. I read that samsung smart view can be used to show media from phone/laptop to tv but that doesn's seem to work see below point

2) samsung smart view doesn't detect the tv everytime I open it it says no tv found. The tv is connected to same network, I tried on three devices a huwei phone, windoes PC and an iPhone. It is the same everywhere. Althoug I did install smart things app and there I can control the tv as a remote i.e. control volume channels etc...

3) I can't connect to images on my phone. It shows the internal memory but not the sd card. I have all my media on the sd card but I cant seem to figure out how to set it up. When I connect to phone I see the following options in phone 

    a) transfer photos

   b) transfer files

   c) charge only

   d) MIDI input.

I tried all but nothing seems to work. 

4) As I said above I setup smart things to control the tv as a remote in hopes that I can use the phone to enter text or urls instead of typing with the virtual keyboard. But it doesnt seem to work on the youtube app. there it doesnt show me the keyboard on phone and isntead only possibilities is to use virtual keyboard on tv. 


I will really appreciate if someone can help us out. Thank you verymuch in advance