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UE65JS9500 (2015 TV) Firmware update, PLEASE DO IT.


I bought this specific tv (it was my first, and now my last samsung tv ever) because they marketing  promise that it will be "future Proof" with constant update.   Well now in 2020 i have a very good tv panel with a very poor software, is it full of glitch and bug, i always need to reboot it to make it work properly, the last update in Europe is 1550 (and now i see that in America there's a 1560 with probably some improvement.) a simple update can resolve all of my problem on a 4500€ tv. Mind that i have a second samsung  tv in my bedroom that cost to me 400€ and compared to the big one is a rocket, and the difference in only between the software. THIS IS A SHAME, how is  possible this consumer policy from you? i have bought your flagship tv of 2015 and you abandoned me? my tv is not broken is just cover on dust from you! my 400$ samsung second tv works great compared to my main tv and this is unacceptable, you are loosing costumers in that way. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I DO?

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same here, update firmware stopped last year, brilliant tv, but tv manufacturers only update hardware for a few years then they move to newer models, you'll notice that your apps on your TV board will soon disappear and apps are not updated for that model no more, shame.
A high end tv bought a few years ago won't be able to download the new Disney plus app , and they say its future proof, lol.
You would have to do it yourself...
1550 software version.

Thanks but you don’t get my point, the last update resolve: NOTHING.  I know how to do it but the problem remains , they deliberately make a 5 yo tv obsolete! I cannot even install Disney plus app on a 2015 “flag ship” and “future proof” tv. 

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