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[UE55ES6300] strange hdmi problem

(Topic created on: 28-06-2018 02:17 PM)
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i'm using a UE55ES6300 as my main tv, so all of the 3 hdmi ports are used as following:


hdmi1/dvi: pc connected via a 10m dvi-to-hdmi cable (this worked for years and was never touched)

hdmi2: xbox one

hdmi3: hdmi-switch with 3 various devices connected


a few days ago suddenly hdmi1 reports "no signal detected" - i checked my pc configuration (everything as usual; okay), i tried 3 different pcs with different operating systems (still no signal), i switched the hdmi-end of my cable from hdmi1 to hdmi2 and hdmi3 (still no signal), i switched the xbox one to hdmi1 (got a signal, in 640x480 dvi; which is normal i guess), so i assumed my cable is broken.


as i replaced it with a brand new one there was still no improvement, but at least i got a signal on hdmi2 and hdmi3 - even with the old cable again.


so i tried to unplug everything from the tv and waited around 15 mins. without the power cord connected - still the same.

i even reseted the tv to factory settings via the support->self-diagnosis menu.


firmware is up2date (at least the updater tells me there's no new version available)


do you have any ideas what's happening here? it looks like nothing is broken so far, sounds like some software problem.



thank you in advance