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UE46ES8000 SmartHub and Internet issues

(Topic created on: 05-05-2020 12:00 PM)
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Have a UE46ES8000 TV. A little old, but still absolutely fine. Especially with built in camera/microphone which is making family video calls very easy right now.


However, updated the firmware on the TV from v2021 to v2023 last night and now can not get in to the SmartHub (circle in top right corner just keeps revolving before giving up) and can not access the internet. I've seen other issues on here connecting to wifi, but the TV discovers all the local wifi networks and connects to home wifi fine, but won't connect to the internet. All IP looks OK, except DNS keeps resetting to Tried connecting a long Cat5 cable. Tried resets. Tried manually setting up DNS and IP, allocating fixed IP address and everything, but just can't get SmartHub to start or get on to the internet.


Not sure if these are 2 separate issues (quite a cooincidence) or if one is causing the other.


Any ideas? We have a remote family and these calls are a lifeline at the moment.






Model Code: UE40ES8000
Software Version: T-ECPDEUC-2023.0
Serial: Z9F43SAD100370B


[Yes, I know the model codes are inconsistent. The TV is definitely a UE46ES8000 and the sticker on the back and a tape measure confirms this, but info in the TV Contact Samsung screen says UE40ES8000. Never noticed this before, but might have been like that for a while]