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TV turns off after 20 sec, then on again and repeat

(Topic created on: 26-08-2022 07:46 PM)
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I have a 2½ year old Samsung Qled 8K R900RA 65" TV, and now it's somehow "software" broken.

After I used my Apple TV to broadcast a video to the TV from a mobile phone (which we have done many times before), and we turned the Apple TV off.. the TV suddenly started shutting down by itself.

Now it's: I turn TV on (plug in power), after 20sec it turns off and restarts, on for 20sec and so on. 

If im quick i can enter the reset menu and reset to factory settings. And then the tv starts as factory default and WORKS! but it only works until i have finished the setup/installation procedure, then its back to power off after 20sec.

It's a really annoying fault. Seems very software related. The has a OneConnect box, where all cables and power supply is.

I have tried all kinds of reset. disabling auto power off and all that. Only have 20secs from power on though.

Any clues for what this can be?




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Hi @Mardahl  if you still have this issue can you check you have the latest firmware  1325.2 which became available May 2022 

if does not solve the issue try a soft Reset  by holdng in Power Button for around 5 seconds till the Tv reboots and/ or unplug Tv and cables for around 5 minutes. However may need to Reboot Router  or change the DNS  Settings .  Go to  Network-Network Settings-DNS Settings.   Change from Automatic to   to or (Google Serves) alternatively or  (Open DNS)  Same information on DNS here 

However if to no avail possibly a fault with the Tv.

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