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TV losing network connection when trying to cast from laptop

(Topic created on: 02-03-2023 03:16 PM)
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Trying to cast from my Asus laptop running windows 11 to my samsung tv. When connected to the same network, the tv appears in the available displays dropdown. As soon as I select connect, the tv drops its network connection. I can watch this happen real time by opening the smart hub and scrolling over to settings. Network shows "Connected," but immediately switches to "No Access" when I try connecting with my laptop. I can remove the laptop from the external devices list, which has me request permission. As soon as I select allow, the connection drops. 

That makes absolutely no sense, as the laptop shouldn't be able to affect the network settings of the TV. Called Samsung tech support and wasted a bunch of time with no success. Had me do a factory reset of the tv and my router. All firmware's are up to date. I am able to cast from my phone and ipad. It's just the laptop that triggers this drop.