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TV is off, but PC or MAC thinks it's still on - Model: UE50TU7020KXXU (both 50 and 43 inch same)

(Topic created on: 30-04-2021 11:41 PM)
First Poster

I bought 4 Samsung TVs (3 x 43 inch and 1 x 50 inch) for my office.

All connected to PCs and MACs, also networked and registered etc. 

All TVs are connected to either a MAC and PC via the HDMI cable, and the systems uses "extended display" mode (i.e. using the Samsung TV as a secondary monitor as opposed to "duplicate display")

Now, the problem I have is that on all TVs, when they are switched OFF, the MacBook still treats them as ON, i.e. when I am moving the mouse on the laptop's screen and then go up above my laptop's screen, it would go higher as-if it's going into the Samsung as an extended display region, also when opening up a browser, I don't see it but then when I switch the TV on with the remote I then see the browser getting opened on the TV instead.

PCs are even worse, every about 2-3 minutes they would go into some sort of refresh and stops for about 8 seconds, the fan would go high during this time, and then back to normal again. 

This is all seems to be caused by the TVs connected, (all 4 TVs are acting exactly the same). 

It can be very annoying sometimes as the TVs are not always on by default, and the PCs would flicker (off for 8 seconds) every now and then.

I wonder if there is a solution to this issue? I tried changing many settings on the TVs nothing seems to shut it down, if there is no option then it must a bug right? 

I would appreciate any help.