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TV Guide - skip days

(Topic created on: 02-06-2023 09:40 AM)

I have just taken delivery of a QN90C TV and have been exploring its capabilities.

First thought, I hate the "smart remote" and am trying to do everything with the "normal" remote (BN59-01315Q).

Found it a bit upsetting that in the TV Guide you seem to have to scroll through the programs and, given that it's a 7 day guide, that can be tedious. I read all the documents I could find and trawled here to see where the "skip a day" function was detailed: NOTHING!!!

On my Humax PVR they use the Fast Fwd and Rwd buttons to do this so I thought I would give it a try and lo and behold it works!! Why is this not clearly described in the manual?

I wonder what other hidden functions there are that remain undocumented?

All I need now is:

Access to the Recording and Schedule Manager via the Normal Remote, so far it seems this is eluding everyone here...

A Global Setting to add "2 mins before" and "3 mins after" to every Recording I set, rather than having to edit each individual recording after it has been set. Seems obvious to me that if I am doing this (to save missing the start or end of a program when the broadcaster is slightly early or late), I would want to do it for EVERY recording I set.

Hope this helps someone else