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The Frame UE43LS03N ongoing issues

(Topic created on: 30-04-2019 08:08 AM)
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 Unfortunately I frequently have issues with Time Shift whereby it simply cannot be relied on. Sometimes it works, but more often then not, I receive the message “Time shift has stopped working”. This even pops up when I have asked Time Shift to stop and so it is a pretty pointless function to have. Going by other entries on this community, it is a common issue. Another  function that does not work as it should, is the Record function. Similar to Time Shift, other people have posted several comments on the fact that you can only record a program when the tv is on and the program that you wish to record is actually playing on the tv. What on earth is the point in that?


I have also had several issues with Art Store which has involved lengthy e-mail discussions with Samsung Support and a phone call, with the promise that the problem will be resolved. It has not. The ArtStore is quite happy to take your money each month for the subscription, but there does not actually appear to be a dedicated team to deal with issues relating to purchasing artwork. Very frustrating. All I want to do is buy a few of the pieces of artwork & cancel the monthly subscription, but I am not given the option to buy them.


A friend recommended The Frame tv to me. Unfortunately there appear to be many ongoing  frustrating issues with it, which going by other people’s posts, Samsung are aware of, and so I certainly will not be recommending it to anybody. It is a shame as the actual tv is a great concept but in reality it does not work as it should.