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The Frame Slideshow feature request

(Topic created on: 23-07-2021 05:26 PM)
Hospitality Tech
First Poster

We are considering using these frames across our corporation (Property Brands) for Reader-Boards (Advertisement)

Three Features /  Issues we need addressed to accomplish this

1. SlideShow duration 30 second transition

2. Remote management ability

3. HDMI inputs (43" 2021 Model) when in portrait mode screen shrinks flips to landscape even when TV is portrait. Can not display portrait full size images when using external input or app. Ambient Art mode is great but most our applications require an external source until the apps dev catches up with corporate applications. (this is a major issue no position screen lock capability)

If these could be addressed the Frame would be a hands down winner!

P.S. Engineering gripe, Minus the one connect box which to this day always gets in the way of a wall display in any application ...